Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day A Wonderful Day : LOVE FOR ALL

Happy Valentine's Day! For many people, this is the day of all days for romantic love. Throughout the country, flowers by the dozens and chocolates by the pounds are being bought in record numbers. Special dates are made, balloon bouquets are delivered, singing valentines arrive, love notes appear under pillows and romantic evenings are planned. Yes, when it comes to how people celebrate Valentine's Day in this culture, it's one for the books.
Or is it? For many people, Feb. 14 can feel pretty flat. If you don't happen to be in a relationship today, it may seem like everyone else and their mother is. Maybe you are struggling within a relationship? Today throws a little salt in that wound. Perhaps you've lost a treasured spouse? My guess is you'd like to spend the day under the covers, wishing you could skip Valentine's Day entirely.
All of the hype about romantic love can make for a fairly one-dimensional celebration. But we all know that love is about so much more.
Think about the various colors of this very special emotion. Love is about all of the people in our lives who are near and dear to us, whether that be a beloved next-door neighbor or one of our children's favorite teachers. It's about your dear friend who would move heaven and earth to help you, or your elderly aunt who never failed to support you during rough times.
Love is also about people doing good things in the world -- the sweet waitress at your favorite coffee shop who always greets you with a smile, or the dedicated souls who work feeding the homeless. Love is about kindness and generosity of spirit. Sometimes, it's as simple as thinking of others.
Try to this Valentine's Day ,do something that will make you feel this kind of love?

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