Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Roses Reign Supreme for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is Tuesday and local flower shop owner  said there is one gift that supersedes them all for your significant other.
“Roses say it all,” she said , .With the popular holiday for couples quickly approaching, she said she will be open as late as possible for last minute shoppers on Tuesday.
“Whatever the traffic will bear, I’ll be open until six, seven, eight o clock,” she said.  “Probably think around four they’ll start coming in [on Tuesday], but you know we have a lot of deliveries, a lot of people are expecting them to be delivered.”
While other holidays may top the sheer volume of flowers and related gifts being bought and sold, she said none top the popularity of this one.
“Valentine’s Day is the busiest single day,” she said.  “Mother’s Day is a bigger week overall though.”
Roses are not the only option though if you’re looking to pick up something less traditional.
“Sometimes they buy an arrangement in a vase or in a basket or maybe they just buy cut flowers instead,” she said.

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